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Art and Prayer Workshops

These art and prayer workshops are a way to explore mixed media art in the context of listening prayer. The workshop projects come in a variety of sizes and can be custom designed to fit the needs of your group. The projects can be completed without previous experience in mixed media art and often are a simple vehicle for individual listening prayer.

The Important Book - Diane McFerrin Workshop

The Important Book

A little chunky book packed full of meaning. These books are a chance to explore who you are, what you believe and where your dreams lie. Come and spend the day listening to what your heart loves, learning some mixed media skills, and enjoying the company of other women. I’m confident that you will find these little books are pretty special.

This workshop is best when you allow yourself 5 hours with a break in the middle for lunch. It is a great way to celebrate birthdays, reunions, or other life milestones. Perfect for Bible study groups or a way to treat yourself, you will come home with a happy heart and a pocketful of treasure.

Cost: 65.00 per person for a group of 6-8

(Lunch not included but can be added)

Gratitude Junk Book

Gratitude Junk Book

A simple place to record moments of gratitude, this journal truly changed my way of thinking. Using fabric, paper, and 3D elements these books collect daily ephemera or junk as a reminder to give thanks for those little moments in life that may otherwise go unnoticed.

These books can be created in about 2 hours. Perfect for large groups as a take away project or follow up to a speaker.

Cost: 2O.00 per person for groups of 6 -8   Special group rate for groups exceeding 20.

Small Reminders

Small Reminders

Small reminders are projects that remind us of what God is speaking to us in this day, week, or season. These mixed media projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes and often use paper , media board, ribbon, gel medium and paint to tell the story. Examples, collage journal, tag, paper house, media board collage or paper doll to name a few.

Most of these projects can be completed in 2-3 hours depending on group size, experience, and need.

Cost: 15.00 per person

Color Mixing Workshops - Diane McFerrin

Color Mixing

Paint with more confidence as you learn to mix color! A chance to practice the skill of seeing new colors as you make a color chart in the palette of your choice. You will choose the chart you want to create from the twelve charts that I have created, then using the paint I provide you will work step by step to mix each paint into five values. After years of finding myself stuck in the same palette these color boards set me free to see hundreds more!

Cost: 65.00 per person