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About this Project

The Kingdom Series Assemblages are all created on 5×7 vintage slide compartment boxes. Each piece is available for purchase. Please contact artist with inquires.

Be Good

"Be Good" 5x7

Punch In Punch out

"Punch In Punch out" 5x7

"King of Hearts Hidden" 5x7

The Mechanics of Amazing Grace

"The Mechanics of Amazing Grace" 5x7

Sow What?

"Sow What?" 5x7

"In Search of Fine Pearls" 5x7

"Seeds Along the Path" 5x7

"The Heart of It" 5x7


"Facebook" 5x7

"Unlock the Hidden Treasure" 5x7

"Keeping Score" 5x7

Bake it Pretty

"Bake it Pretty" 5x7

"Its All Good" 5x7

"Revelation" 5x7